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You can't get enough of Jerry

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Indeed, I'm talking about Jerry Jones again, as I have been for most of the week. Jerry conducted a 10-minute interview with the Ticket today and had a few interesting things to say.

When asked how he was feeling today, he used the word "relieved" to describe his current state of mind. He stated that the NFLPA really pushed to maximize their revenues, so teams are going to have to look at ways of tightening the belt in their operations.

Jones talked about how he had to take his "Cowboys shirt off" for the negotiations and work for the good of the league. He had to adjust his thinking by taking the Cowboys specifically out of the equation.

One of his big issues was that the smaller-market teams need to work as hard as possible to maximize their local market revenues, now that the bigger market teams are kicking more into the pot. He also said that the prospect of having no cap was appealing to him but that spending doesn't necessarily equate with winning.

Now for the really good stuff, free agency. We didn't get any names out of him but we did get an idea of the focus.

The host asked him how he feels about signing free agents who are 30+ years old. Jerry said that when you approach signing a player to what is more than likely his last contract, you have to use moderation. If you sign a player in that age range, then you need to get 2-3 good years out of him.

The host then asked if OL, FS and K are the positions of need in free agency. Jerry agreed that they were and then added WR to the list. He made it sound like they are definitely going to sign or draft a WR (on WR, Jerry said either through FA or the draft, the other positions were talked about in terms of FA only).

At the end Jerry re-iterated that OL and FS were big position needs in FA.

So, what to take from all that? Well, if you've been reading this blog then you already knew most of this stuff.

We talked yesterday and today about Jerry's efforts in getting this deal done and how he had to subordinate the interests of the Cowboys to do what was best for the league.

We discussed last week how Mr. Jones isn't opposed to revenue sharing per se, but was perturbed that some of the smaller market clubs weren't doing everything that they could to maximize revenue.

On the FA subject, everybody's been right on target with the need positions and the Cowboys approach. OL and FS are going to be addressed in FA, so we probably won't see Ko Simpson or Daniel Bullocks drafted by us.

Notice what was missing in the FA discussion? There was no mention of LB or NT. More and more, it looks like the Cowboys will definitely target a LB in the first round of the draft. Probably followed up by some OL or a NT, unless Parcells feels that Pepper Johnson can be the back-up at NT.

It's getting close guys, I can smell FA right around the corner.