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Jerry Jones says it was for the fans

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wasn't happy with the labor deal but says he worked hard to get it passed for the good of the game and for the fans. Contrary to his public image, Jerry did what he could even though as one of the biggest of the big-revenue teams he could've been a full-stop hindrance to the process. From the DFW S-T article:

"It showed in my effort to bend and acquiesce areas," Jones said. "I felt so strongly for our fans that we couldn't walk out of this building and not have a deal. I would have hung my head. We have a higher calling to have that happen. It was about this league. More important it was about the fans."

The big-revenue teams will end up paying more money into the revenue sharing pool.

Per the revenue sharing plan, high-revenue teams will contribute roughly 30 to 40 percent more to revenue sharing than low revenue teams, Jones said. That contribution will be done proportionally based on the top five (including the Cowboys), the top 10 and the top 15 in revenue.

Jones said he didn't want to approve additional revenue sharing because he felt the plan in place was working. He said the NFL has been successful over the past few years in the form of building new stadiums and TV deals.

"If I am anything, I can make a deal," Jones said, and added, smiling, "I would never have got a chance to coach the Cowboys if I hadn't been a deal maker."

I wrote about it yesterday; how Jerry's big strength is making deals. Looks like he was instrumental in getting this one done, even though it was against his interest and the Cowboys interest in the short-run.

I only have one quibble, Jerry should never use the words "coach" and "I" in the same sentence.

The labor deal runs through the year 2011. The players share of revenue is pegged at 59.5%. The cap for 2006 is $102 million, and the Cowboys should have around $25 million to spend in free agency. Free agency will begin at 12:01 AM Saturday morning.