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Judge judges T.O. signing

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Clark Judge, of CBS Sportsline, shows no love for the signing of Terrell Owens. He puts it in the #1 spot of worst free agent additions.

1. Terrell Owens, Dallas: Can you say Dy-no-mite? How soon before he and Drew Bledsoe are seen sparring on Pay-Per-View? Or, maybe, it's T.O. and that "idiot kicker." Owens is a terrific player and a lousy teammate. His history is that he'll have a good year, then torch the building -- starting with the head coach and quarterback. That might be OK by Bill Parcells, because no one I know in Dallas expects him to coach beyond this year anyway. But Parcells and his staff might want to pay attention to this: Several league sources told me Owens has a persistent groin injury that will limit his practices and could limit his play ... or at least his ability to jump up and down on the Cowboys' star.

Hmm, league sources diagnose a persistent groin injury and the Cowboys know nothing about it? Sounds like people are making stuff up again. It is April Fools Day and all.

This is something I can get behind though:

Most intriguing division
The NFC East: Any one of these four could win it, but it's the subplots here that are intriguing. There's the T.O. watch in Dallas, with sideline cams poised to catch Mount St. Terrell's first eruption. There's the Donovan McNabb watch in Philadelphia, with critics ready to pounce if he can't carry the offense. There's the Eli Manning watch in New York, with expectant fans no longer wondering if Eli's coming ... but where the heck he's going. And there's the Daniel Snyder watch in Washington, where we discover if money can buy an NFC East title. Me? All I want is a ticket to Terrell Owens' return to Philadelphia and a seat as far away as possible from anyone in a No. 81 jersey. What in the world happened to the City of Brotherly Love? Next question!

I agree, the NFC East is absolutely up for grabs with no clear-cut favorite. Should make for an interesting season.

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