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New BTB poll is up

I have a new poll up that I saw on another board a few days ago. It's a good question so I'm going to steal it.

Which Cowboys team is the best of all time? The criteria was they had to win the Super Bowl.

Go vote.

The results from the last poll:

If/when the Cowboys sign Terrell Owens, how long can the marriage last?

¤     1%  It will be over before the first game    
¤     1%  Until Dallas loses its first game    
¤     11% T.O. is good for half a season            
¤     11% Until the end of the season, then T.O. has to go    
¤     34% Next offseason when he asks for a new contract    
¤     38% Forever, this was a match made in heaven    

Votes: 110    

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