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Drew Henson answers his mail

NFLE knows a good thing when they see it and having a high-profile QB that is being allocated by the Dallas Cowboys is a good thing. Drew Henson has become the poster child for NFLE this year, getting tons of ink. Of course, it's always true that when a football league wants some hype, they always turn to the Dallas Cowboys.

Yesterday Henson answered some emails from fans. The article can be found here, but here were my two favorite Q&A's.

Is there another returning player on the Dallas roster that you feel will make a huge impact this year and have a breakout season?

I think that DeMarcus Ware is an unbelievable athelete. If you give him another offseason to lift hard and run he'll come back bigger and stronger which will be scary. I'm really excited to see him come back for his second year.

What did you think when you heard the Cowboys had signed Terrell Owens? What do you think his influence will be on the field and in the locker-room?

I think signing Terrell immediately improves the offense. He's a big play receiver who can score anytime that he touches the ball. Terrell coming to Dallas is a realization that we are closer to where we want to be. He can help us get there and everybody is working on the same page for the same thing, I think we'll be good.

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