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Cowboys news and rumors

Drew Henson isn't the only Cowboy getting it done in NFLE. Our very own CB Lenny Williams, playing for the Franfurt Galaxy, gets some love for his performance last week.

Frankfurt Galaxy cornerback Lenny Williams (Dallas Cowboys) was named Special Teams Player of the Week after he returned 3 kickoffs for 98 yards (32.7) during his team's 21-14 victory over the Cologne Centurions.
In the fourth quarter, Williams set up Frankfurt's game-winning touchdown with a 57-yard return. He currently ranks third in NFL Europe with an average of 25.2 yards per kickoff return.
Williams also made a strong defensive contribution, recording 2 tackles, 3 passes defended and 2 interceptions for 8 yards.

Over at the Zone, trickblue recaps a radio interview on the Ticket with JJT. Interesting comments about S Keith Davis.

The Cowboys weren't surprised at the offer made to Davis. They thought since they tendered him at 720k that he may get some offers. I have some more info that the Cowboys may actually match the offer. He will get 2 mil up front from the Cowboys if he stays and that is a lot of money to him. He is not a starter, but the league isn't about starters. It's about the top 53.

Dallas wasn't a player in FA in regards to S because the contracts were so substantial. The ones that didn't sign for a lot weren't worth having. They didn't see a player they thought was worth 3 mil a year more than Davis.

Coleman has some off the field issues with alcohol. He apparently is taking care of that right now. Teams interested in him will likely wait to see what happens this week.

The Cowboys also don't want Payton to think they can just come in and take any player he wants to.

Dallas can literally go into the draft and pick the BPA if they resign Davis. If not then they have to be looking at maybe a safety on day 1. thinks we'll take S Donte Whitner at #18 in their mock draft.

Whitner is a newcomer to our board, but the Buckeyes junior has risen on the strength of a pair of blazing 40s (4.37 and 4.39) during Ohio State's pro day. The Cowboys already got their No. 1 receiver in Terrell Owens and just missed out on their offensive tackle of choice (USC's Justice).

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