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ESPN says Dallas draft pick at #18 is...

S Jason Allen out of Tennessee.

Actually, it was Mel Kiper who said it, and we already knew it becuse that's his pick in his mock draft on the website. S Donte Whitner was the alternative pick if Allen is gone.

But they went through the charade anyway and discussed last year and our offseason in a 5 minute segment. They hit on the expected; our line protection was awful, Julius Jones struggled, etc. They also hit on the positives, like our 2005 draft and the play of DeMarcus Ware.

The ESPN crew said that if we had Mike Vanderjadt last year, we probably go 12-4, (I say at least 11-5). They also noted that Terrell Owens will be a big help and that having him might turn some of those close losses last year into wins this year.

BTW, it was Tom Jackson, Chris Mortensen and Mel Kiper.

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