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Cowboys do the safety dance

Nick Eatman lays out the understaffed situation of our current saftey lineup if Keith Davis is allowed to go to New Orleans. And it ain't good.

The Cowboys would only have three true safeties under contract if they choose not to match the Saints' offer - Roy Williams, Willie Pile and Justin Beriault, with Pile considered little more than a nickel safety/special teams players and Beriault having missed his rookie season last year following knee surgery.

Safety just moved up on the priority scale. Either through the draft, free agency, or both, the Cowboys need to get something done, especially if Davis leaves. Good to hear Jerry thinks we aren't done yet in free agency. We just need to wait until after the draft.

"We're not through in free agency," Jones said. "I'm sure we'll have the opportunity to help the team. I don't (know) specifically where, but my experience has been, as this thing moves along, we get in here after the draft . . . I don't know that it will be a significant signing or a high-priced player, but certainly one that makes some sense."

Speaking of safeties, the AP did a mock draft and here's the Cowboys pick at #18.

18. DALLAS. Roy Williams is a ferocious hitter -- they changed the rules to keep him from using the "horsecollar" tackle. But he can use a partner who can cover. DONTE WITNER [sic], S, Ohio State.

And this was before the Keith Davis offer sheet. I've seen this pick popping up in a few mock drafts lately for Dallas. Scott Wright's mock draft also has us choosing Whitner. The AP also drops this nugget about mock drafts.

"A friend of mine who worked for a Dallas newspaper in 1988 is still angry that Gil Brandt, then the personnel director of the

Dallas Cowboys, told him the Cowboys absolutely, positively wouldn't draft Michael Irvin with the 11th overall pick.

Funny, because everyone else seemed to know Irvin was headed for Dallas. Brandt, who now works for the NFL, was just doing his job -- fabricating. So my friend sent Irvin somewhere else in his mock draft and is still angry about it.

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