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The Mock Muncher

This post is for BTB reader and known lover of mock drafts, Deke. I kid. But I was reading through some of the diaries and went to tbone's mock draft link, The Mock Muncher. I clicked over to another link on the site, the Mock Muncher gathers all kinds of mock drafts and aggregates the results, and found this consensus for the Cowboys.

18. Dallas: Winston Justice (6 times) Donte Whitner (5) Santonio Holmes (4) DeMeco Ryans (3) 13 others

So the Mock Muncher says Winston Justice is who we'd take, but I doubt he'll be available. The second place pick is Donte Whitner.

And if you haven't had your fill of mock's by now, then another one won't hurt. From FOX Sports:

Cowboys Antonio Cromartie CB Florida State
A bit of a surprise here, but Cromartie's blend of size and playmaking ability has him climbing the board. The Cowboys love to make a splash on draft day and would like to add to their secondary.

Want a good laugh? Check out this link from ESPN where they had fans vote on what record they think their team will have at the end of the year. Optimism springs eternal as no team was predicted to have less than a 7-9 record. Not even the Texans. Dallas was predicted to have a 14-2 record by its fans.

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