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Cowboys deciding on S Keith Davis

JJT, who for my money is doing some of the best writing about the Cowboys lately, wrote yesterday about keeping S Keith Davis (sub. required). When Davis first signed the offer sheet and I saw the money involved, I didn't think Dallas would match. But I'm starting to change my mind. Yeah, they'll be overpaying somewhat but Davis is the man on special teams. If we don't have him our safety position will be so thin that we will be forced to address it in the draft, possibly early on the first day. We have the cap room, so I'm hoping they go ahead and match the offer. Here's some highlights from the JJT article:

...even if the Cowboys draft a safety in one of the first three rounds and he beats out Davis, then Davis remains a valuable backup because he can play both safety positions.
That would create a roster spot and allow the Cowboys to perhaps keep an extra cornerback if they choose.


He requires double-teams on kick and punt coverage, making him a valuable asset. His presence on special teams should make Terrance Copper and Rocky Boiman better players.


He's too emotional, and sometimes that affects his ability to focus and make plays. He didn't create nearly enough turnovers - one forced fumble - from a position that is designed to generate turnovers. And he steadfastly views himself as a starter instead of a key backup and star special teams player.

Still, he's a valuable commodity for the Cowboys and one that won't be easily replaced.

Clarence E Hill, JR at the DFW S-T also thinks the Cowboys are leaning toward matching the offer.

JJT answered some email, including this one about Kevin Burnett.

Q: Seems to me, if he's healthy, you plug Kevin Burnett in opposite Ware and you're set for five years or so. What am I missing?

TAYLOR: That's what Dallas would like to do, but the Cowboys would tell you that Burnett is not nearly as good as he believes he is. He's also coming off a serious knee injury, so there's no guarantee he's going to be a productive player this year. Or ever. I like him, but it's easy to see why the Cowboys have doubts. They have to protect themselves because the linebackers are the key to the 3-4 defense.

"Burnett is not nearly as good as he believes he is." Ouch, that's gotta hurt. I sure hope Burnett doesn't turn out to be a bust; the guy looks like he has the tools to succeed.

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