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Carolina fans warming to Keyshawn

Keyshawn Johnson attended a basketball game in Charlotte recently, and MSNBC has the story.

The last time Keyshawn Johnson attended an NBA game in Charlotte he was viciously booed and security guards followed him out of the building to ensure his safety.

That was the night before Dallas played the Panthers at the end of last year. But my, how things change when the player is now on your team. Here's what happened at the recent game.

Johnson received a rousing ovation shortly after settling into his courtside seat at Wednesday night's game between the Bobcats and the Memphis Grizzlies. It was his first public appearance since signing with the Panthers last month.

Carolina got a real good receiver and they know it. That's why they booed him last time - he was the enemy, he was good, and he had a reputation for being cocky. This time, he's one of their own and he's going to help that team on Sundays.

I guess it's similar to what we Cowboy fans have to do with Eldorado, although Keyshawn's problems were miniscule compared to the wreckage Eldorado has left behind in his recent stops. But before Keyshawn came to Dallas, I wasn't a big fan. The book after the rookie season was a little much. Then getting suspended from the Bucs made me think: "What's up with this guy"? But his play in Dallas, and his leadership off the field, changed my mind about him.

I wonder how Dallas fans will respond when Owens shows up at a Mavs playoff game or something similar.

Johnson says the booing he received in Charlotte last year was nothing compared to the booing he got in - where else? - Philadelphia.

... [It] was nothing compared to the way he was treated at a Philadelphia 76ers game in 2003.

"We were there for the NFC championship and I went to a basketball game and people were throwing stuff at me," he laughed. "It was so bad security had to escort us out. I've been in the middle of some stuff in my days."

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