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Terrell Owens and Drew Bledsoe; together at last

Mickey Spags gives us the low-down on Eldorado, he is in Dallas and he and Bledsoe are about to get busy. Check it out.

Never fear, T.O. is here. Ya'll seemed duly concerned after hearing the report Terrell Owens was not taking part in the Cowboys "voluntary" off-season workout program, which requires guys to get in 40 workouts under the jurisdiction of strength and conditioning coach Joe Juraszek to qualify for the workout stipend they can receive. Well, he may have been absent for a while, but [I] can tell you he was here Thursday working out in the weight room. Maybe he got the message or maybe he was just waiting to hook up with quarterback Drew Bledsoe, whose father said on a local TV morning show Thursday the two were scheduled for a throwing session later in the day. Remember, Bledsoe wasn't here much last week, caddying for a buddy and attending The Masters.

Mickey has some other interesting items in his article so give it a read.

Todd Archer says the Cowboys are pleased with Henson's progress in NFLE. Well, no kidding, his team is undefeated and Henson has put together some sweet stats.

In four games, Rhein is unbeaten and Henson has thrown for 586 yards on 51-of-86 passing with four touchdowns and one interception. He's been sacked just four times. He has a 90.6 rating.

The Cowboys are happy with what they've seen. Happy, not ecstatic.

I won't be ecstatic either until the day Henson can produce those kinds of numbers and wins in real NFL games. But heck, it's a lot better than never seeing him play and Parcells giving him back-handed compliments in press conferences. Plus, Henson is playing just how Parcells wants a QB to play.

Henson is not turning the ball over. He's not taking sacks. He's managing games. Sounds like Bill Parcells' quarterback formula. And recently he's made some big plays.

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