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Cowboys | Team might consider moving up to draft M. Huff
Adam Schefter, of the NFL Network, reports the Dallas Cowboys might consider moving up in the NFL Draft to select Texas CB/S Michael Huff. The Cowboys are scheduled to pick 18th in the first round, and Huff is expected to be long gone by then. To get Huff, the Cowboys would have to trade up, possibly ahead of Detroit at No. 9, certainly ahead of St. Louis at No. 11.

I'm not buying this one, even though I'd love to get Michael Huff. This has the feel of bored journalists needing something to write with a little sizzle.

The RanchReport says Antonio Cromartie to visit. (sub. required)

One of the top defensive backs available in the 2006 NFL Draft, former Florida State corner Antonio Cromartie, will visit with the Dallas Cowboys next week, has learned.


While any team drafting Cromartie will be taking a chance because of the knee injury, the potential rewards could be very high. He is a rare combination of size (6-2, 208) and speed (4.47 time in the 40) and shows good football instincts. Some around FSU have called him the best athlete in the program since Deion Sanders.

The kids a talent, to be sure. But with Keith Davis in the picture again, Dallas may look to other needs in the first round. Too bad he'll be long gone by our second round pick.

Some guy over at The Sports Network actually wrote the following sentence and then compounded his mistake by publishing it.

The Cowboys could also be in the market for a cornerback on the first day to help push the inconsistent Terence Newman...

Better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and erase all doubt. Please, if you're going to get someone to write about the Cowboys, make sure they have some clue about the team. I'm just saying.

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