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Valley Ranch visitor

Pretty interesting stuff from the Ranch Report on OT Jonathon Scott and his visit to Vallley Ranch. (sub. required)

The Cowboys had their eye on Texas tackle Jonathan Scott from the start, and took another look at him Friday. What do they see? A guy who is certainly not a workout wonder -- and therefore not a front-of-the-first-round pick.

At the same time, according to one scout, when you watch Scott on film, you forget about Underwear Olympics stuff like "vertical jump'' and such. What the Cowboys cannot get out of their heads: Scott against Ohio State, when he made A.J. Hawk disappear. Scott against USC, when he pushed blue-chippers all over the field.

"He's slipped because in comparison to some of the other O-linemen, he doesn't dominate in the measurables,'' said one Valley Rancher. "But he sure dominated at Texas.''

If Scott skids out of the first round -- and remember, Flozell Adams and Larry Allen once did the same -- somebody is going to get themselves a value pick, a tackle that might be a solid 10-year pro.

There's a good article in the DMN about Gil Brandt, former Cowboys personnel director who now does work for the NFL. It starts with a meeting between Brandt and Ray Scott, Jonathon Scott's father.

Ray Scott was certain of one thing as he approached Gil Brandt on a practice field sideline on the eve of the 2003 Cotton Bowl. He was about to receive a blank stare.

It had been 36 years and at least as many pounds since Scott, a defensive end at Prairie View A&M, participated in a pre-draft workout for Brandt, the personnel guru for the Dallas Cowboys. "Gil, you may not remember me, I'm ... " Scott sheepishly began.

"Ray Scott," Brandt interrupted matter-of-factly, flashing the trademark smirk he long ago borrowed from the cat that swallowed the canary. "How are you?"

Scott didn't answer. He couldn't get the words out. "I was astounded," he recalls. "The man has a photographic memory."

Or maybe Brandt just knows the tricks of the trade.

Scott also is the father of Jonathan Scott, then a promising 6-6, 320-pound freshman offensive tackle at the University of Texas.

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