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Brett Favre to wear the star?

The offseason is the time when any kind of rumor can get started. This one really cracked me up when I read it. Gary Myers writes the following in a NY Daily News article.

Brett Favre sounds like he wants to play again, but doesn't look like he wants to play for the Packers, who have done little to get better after going 4-12 last season. The solution: Trade him to a contender, letting the Packers rebuild on their time schedule, not Favre's. There are two logical spots for Favre: 1) Dallas. This is likely Bill Parcells' final year -- why else sign off on Terrell Owens? -- and Favre gives him a much better shot at the Super Bowl than Drew Bledsoe; 2) Baltimore. Many of the pieces are in place -- especially an excellent defense -- and Favre would be a great one-year fit. If Joe Montana can get traded at the end of his career, so can Favre. And maybe that's what he really wants.

Hilarious. First of all, at this point in their respective careers, I don't think Favre would give us any better chance than Bledsoe of winning the SB  based on physical talents. I'm always stunned by how the national press refuses to see the decline in Favre's play over the last few years. Secondly, somehow Myers believes that throwing a new starting QB into a system that he's never played in, and pair him up with a mercurial WR who hasn't played in the system will somehow magically come together for a SB run? I think Gary Myers was drunk when he wrote this.

Suffice it to say the author of this article is not on board with the signing of Terrell Owens. In fact, he sounds downright mad about it.

With their three-year, $25-million contract for Terrell Owens, the Dallas Cowboys have inflicted pain upon millions of innocent Americans, not to mention Bill Parcells. Maybe it would be worth it if wide receiver was a position of need for the Cowboys. But whatever weaknesses Dallas' offense may have had last season, wide receiver wasn't one of them.


If you enjoyed T.O.'s tantrums after Donovan McNabb failed to see him open downfield, just imagine what will happen as Owens races clear down the sidelines only to look back and see Bledsoe on his back for the fifth time that game.

Although he rants about Owens for a good portion of the article, his real point is that Dallas wasted its time in signing Owens because their real problem is the offensive line. Tell us something we didn't already know. He uses some fancy, new-fangled statistics to show that Bledsoe was at best an average QB last year because the line couldn't protect him. And the signings of Jason Fabini and Kyle Kosier aren't likely to change that all that much.

He may have a point, but the Cowboys weren't ready to pay Keyshawn Johnson the money he wanted, so we had to sign a WR. The Cowboys decided to sign the best WR available and take their chances on the loose cannon. Only time will tell who was right.

As for the draft, he likes S Donte Whitner or OT Winston Justice if he's available. If Justice is available, which he won't be, I'm sure Dallas would wait about two nano-seconds before turning in their selection card.

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