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Videos of draft prospects

This is a cool page over at FOX Sports. It has highlights of the top prospects in the draft incluidng a lot of the guys we've been talking about. You should check it out.

One comment I want to make after watching the Bobby Carpenter video. The debate between having a tweener DeMarcus Ware clone at the SOLB versus an all-around LB who can stand up against the run and drop into coverage is still raging, not just on this blog, but on a lot of Cowboys sites.

So here's another pitch from me for Bobby Carpenter. Besides having the skills and bulk to handle the run-stopper elements of a SOLB, he also can drop into coverage and he can line up in a three-point stance. But here's the kicker, he can rush the passer too. In 2005 he had 8 sacks even though he missed 3 games because of injury. Compare that to Manny Lawson who had 10.5 sacks last season, and Lawson had the benefit of Mario Williams playing on the other side. I'm just saying.

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