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Peter King talking Cowboys

Burger King has a couple of paragraphs about the Cowboys in his new Monday Morning QB column.

The T.O. deal is not as poisonous as most people think. A week doesn't go by when we don't talk about him. But if LeCharles Bentley is pulling down $12.5 million this year and the Edge $12.25 million, I'd say Owens may morph into the bargain of all bargains at $10 million. Potentially, of course. I'm counting on him not being an idiot in 2006, which is probably too much to hope for. Now if we can just stitch his lips closed. Remember, too, that the Cowboys essentially signed Owens to three one-year contracts. If he's a jerk in Year 1, he won't be back in Year 2.

(Quick T.O. interlude: On a trip to Philadelphia Eagles headquarters recently, I ducked my head into the offensive team meeting room. My tour guide, an Eagles employee, pointed to a chair near the back of the room and said, "There's where T.O. slept for two years.'')

That last line is pretty funny. I don't think Eldorado will be sleeping with Parcells roaming the halls, but that's just my guess. Kudos to Burger King for understanding the Owens contract. I can't believe how many times I read someone saying the Cowboys over-paid. They essentially signed one of the best WR's in the game to three consecutive one-year deals at money equal to his talent. Smart play by Jerry, if Eldorado decides to just play football and shut up.

Kyle Kosier might be a nice fellow, but the Cowboys are crazy to pay him $5 million. Dallas will be his third team in five NFL seasons, and it's bizarre that the Cowboys had to pay an average-at-best guy so much to help fill their offensive-line gaps. They'd have been much better off in taking a gamble on the player Tampa Bay signed (Tonie Fonoti).

I'm chalking this one up to 'In Bill We Trust'. I'm hoping Parcells sees something in this kid that other coaches weren't getting out of him. I was kind of surprised at how quick we jumped on him in free agency and the raise we gave him over his previous contracts. But given that this is probably Tuna's last season, he must think Kosier can step right in and do the job or he probably would've just stuck with Larry Allen.

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