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Witten on T.O.

Over at the Zone, trickblue has put up a nice recap of a Jason Witten radio interview today. Some interesting stuff on Terrell Owens, like Witten and Owens went to lunch together and Owens picked up the tab. Yeah, I guess with a $10 million payday, Eldorado should pick up the tab!

*    Off-season training is going great for me. I have made all of the workouts, but I have no comment about the question coming up. (TO not being there)
*    I have seen TO at Valley Ranch. We had lunch together and he picked up the check.
*    TO missing workouts is no big deal. He has plenty of time to make the required 40.
*    I think TO has been well-received by the team. We need a guy that can help us win games. I think that Coach Parcells has the same approach. Coach won't put up with any distractions and TO knows that. You can't question his performance on the field.
*    I think Coach Parcells took care of any potential problems before TO was signed. He met with his agent and he had a hand in bringing him here.
*    As a TE I am happy we signed him... so is Terry. Those coverages HAVE to roll now. We need a WR that can seperate.
*    I will miss Dan Campbell. He really kept the team together and was great in the locker room.
*    We will miss the past locker room leaders but lets face facts. We are grown men. The leadership is more for the young players like seeing how hard the team leaders work.
*    When AB went awry, not one single player said a thing to him. Parcells said he's gone and that was the end of the story. There will be things to address at times, but those things will work themselves out.
*    We have upgraded our team. Vanderjagt was a big signing as well. We would have won a few more games had he been here last year.
*    I am a big LA fan, but we brought some guys in that will help us out this year.

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