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Cowboys receivers (past and present) get dissed

Man, current and ex-Cowboy receivers are getting no respect on the golf course. A bunch of athletes got together for a charity golf event - big surprise - and dished about other players. The News-Observer has the details.

First up, Steve Smith:

Despite his decade of big plays, big talk and big hype, newly signed Carolina Panthers wideout Keyshawn Johnson is no replacement for Muhsin Muhammad, Panthers All-Pro receiver Steve Smith says.

Nice, that's a healthy way to start a relationship.

During a celebrity golf tournament April 7 at Brier Creek Country Club, Smith said Johnson is a good player, but not on the same level of Muhammad, who left Carolina last year for Chicago via free agency.


"I don't know. Everybody wants me to speculate. I can't speculate," Smith said at the annual Holt Brothers Celebrity Golf Classic. "The natural thing to say is 'yeah he's going to help us', but time will tell."

WTF, time will tell if Keyshawn will help the Panthers passing attack? I guess they should make KJ work his way up the depth chart. I mean Keary Colbert and Drew Carter were so good last year, what could KJ possibly add to the team? Methinks Steve Smith should've just kept his mouth shut.

But the Cowboy bashing doesn't stop there. It seems Donovan "Chunky" McNabb had some words for our boy Eldorado. (Isn't it great that you can call McNabb chunky and mean either his soup commercials, his physique or his blowing chunks in the huddle at the Super Bowl?)

Also at the tournament, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb said ex-teammate Terrell Owens was a cancer in Philadelphia, and the receiver is still immature and refuses to speak to the QB.


"We've seen each other at different occasions but never spoke. I'm going to speak. That's just me, I'm going to speak to whomever. You don't have to like me, just respect what I do. I respect what you do," McNabb said.

"I'm not asking you to come over to the house and hang around the family and play with my kids. Just speak. We're African-Americans, we don't need to have this separation. But, you've got to let people be people. Got to let them do what they do."

OK, I can see McNabb bashing Eldorado, he has a point. But really, its time to let go Chunky, move on to your own team and quit worrying about other teams. He did say that Eldorado can be successful in Big D if Parcells handles him the right way. I guess that's something they couldn't manage in Philly.

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