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Cowboys Quickies

According to the DMN:

*    Marcus Coleman will earn $810,000 with a $40,000 roster bonus.

*    Winston Justice had this quote about his Dallas visit: "When people think football, they think the Cowboys and them winning Super Bowls," Justice said.

Lenny P. thinks Coleman may be a swing-man.

It is believed the Cowboys will use Coleman mostly at safety, but his experience at cornerback could come in handy. Since he has played both safety positions and cornerback, Coleman could end up being a "swing man" in the secondary. At 6-feet-2 and 215 pounds, he brings more size to the secondary, too.

This guy at the New Mexico student newspaper is an Eagles fans and isn't sure if he should be happy or sad that Terrell Owens is playing in Dallas.

His best line follows after a hypothetical heated argument between Owens and Parcells.

And because of Parcells' ego and apparent hatred of life itself, the coach would turn homicidal. He would forget that he is something like 97 years old, break into Owens' mansion, where T.O. and agent Drew Rosenhaus are sharing a pink bubble bath, and start swinging at Owens before Rosenhaus hit him in the back of the head with a Smirnoff Ice bottle.

I swear I hadn't read this article before I wrote my "Super Bowl or bust" post early this morning. The article echoes the same themes.

The Cowboys have reached win-or-bust status. That's why they signed Terrell Owens, football's version of lit dynamite. That's why they are counting on old, by football standards, hands to generate offense.

The NFL always is a win-now league. But the Cowboys have taken that to must-win-now.

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