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Super Bowl or bust

It's been quite an offseason for the Cowpokes, Jerry and Bill have been a couple of busy beavers. Eight free agents is a record haul for the premiere franchise in the NFL. Some of  them are role players like Ryan Hannam and Rocky Boiman, some of them are expected to step in and play major roles like Akin Ayodele, Jason Fabini and Kyle Kosier, others were not quite sure what the expectations are, like Marcus Coleman. One of them, Mike Vanderjagt, should make all those nail-biters a little easier on the heart. And finally, one of them is Terrell Owens. `Nuff said.

There's no denying that the `Boys are trying to shoot the moon in 2006, looking for a NFL record 6th Super Bowl. Bill Parcells is getting his horse ready for his ride off into the sunset and onto his coronation in Canton. The changes aren't over because the draft is still a week and a half away. With the work Bill and Jerry have done to date the Cowboys are set to enter the draft with the option to take the best player(s) available.

So take heart Dallas fans, our franchise has been working overtime to give us what we want; bragging rights as king of the hill. It's been a long time since Dallas has won a playoff game, much too long for my tastes. This team is built to win this year and with a wide-open NFC anything is possible.

It's a long way to the opening game and even longer way to the playoffs. Anything can happen along the way; injuries, players not performing up to standards and the ever-present spectre of a T.O. meltdown. Still, I feel good about this team's make-up, it's hard to remember an offseason with this much activity this early. If Parcells can nail another draft like he did last year, there'll be plenty more help on the way.

It's Super Bowl or bust in 2006 for the Dallas Cowboys and I wouldn't have it any other way. This decade long drought has made us a very hungry franchise; this is the year we feast.

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