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Henson leads Fire to 3-0 start

Drew Henson led the Rhein Fire to their third victory to start the season, 20-10 over the Cologne Centurions, making Rhein the only undefeated team in NFLE after three weeks. Henson was 14-28 for 165 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, and 1 fumble.

I watched the game a little while ago on Tivo and Henson looks like he's benefitting from the playing time. He showed good movement in the pocket, avoiding the sack on several occasions and he throws well on the move. He made a couple of throws rolling to the left and squaring his shoulders to the line to get good zip on completions. He threw for a short TD, gained a nice first down on a scramble and completed a long pass for 49 yards.

I wouldn't get real excited yet, because Henson made some mistakes. That 49-yard completion was kind of a floater pass that probably would've been picked off in the NFL. He also turned the ball over twice deep in Cologne's territory. On one he forced a throw into a receiver that bounced in the air and was intercepted. On the other, the rush came right up the middle but Henson saw it too late, was sacked and fumbled away the ball.

Still, he looks like he's starting to get comfortable and he has led the team to three victories. Timmy Chang played very little due to an injury, so Henson played most of the game.

So far, Henson is doing enough to keep his NFL dream alive. If he keeps improving, he may challenge Tony Romo for the back-up spot. We know Parcells likes Tony Romo, but if Henson comes back sharp from NFLE, I think he'll give him a fair shot at the #2 spot.

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