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Bledsoe didn't get a pass from the Tuna on workouts

JJT over at the DMN blog has this report on Drew Bledsoe.

He threw a football Wednesday for the first time since the end of the regular season.

He flies in from Montana or Oregon each week and works out in Dallas either Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday. He spoke to Parcells about not having to commute, but the coach said he really wanted his quarterback in town.

He won't start throwing passes to receivers for another couple of weeks, but said he has spoken to T.O. and as soon as he wants to play catch T.O. told him he would be in town.

Says this has the potential to be the most explosive offense he's led since the 1996 Patriots.

Hmm, Eldorado gets a pass but not Bledsoe. Interesting.

The (sub. required) says we talking to another LB from Ohio State, Anthony Schlegel.

Schlegel will also be the first to tell you he expects to be a run stuffing inside 'backer at the next level.

"Yeah I'm not an outside guy," said Schlegel at the NFL Combine. "I'm a straight inside linebacker. If there is a team that might have some issues with the run, or they like people that blitz, that's what I've done my whole career.

"3-4, 4-3 it's all the same. I played it all at Ohio State."

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