Cowboys - Colts Trade?

I've been looking at the different scenarios out there for the Cowboys to trade down and get an extra first day pick.  This is a deep draft and the idea of trading down seems to be the most popular one amongst Cowboys fans and even with a few Dallas sportswriters.  There is a lot of solid talent in rounds two and three.  Admittedly each team rates the players on its board differently, and there is no way of knowing which player a team covets so much that they will part with draft picks for him, but it happens somewhere in the draft with teams every year so we can at least look at the teams 19-32 to find the most likely candidates for a trade.

Now the question that remains is who to trade with and what deal would be the best for the Cowboys.  Trading down is a great idea, but only if the price is right, we don't want to give the 18th pick away just to say we traded down, nor would getting an extra pick in next year's draft be ideal with all the talented juniors who came out in this draft class that one looks to be pretty thin.  The Cowboys need to get at least fair value in the trade for their pick, and after consulting the NFL draft pick value chart the Indianapolis Colts look like the Cowboys best trading partner.

The math is simple:

Dallas = 903-906 points
2006 First Round, 18th pick = 900 points
2007 7th round pick = 3-6 points (Cowboys finish in the top 8 records in the NFL)

Indianapolis = 904
2006 First Round, 30th pick = 620 points
2006 Second Round, 62nd pick = 284 points

The Colts are strong candidates to be in the market for a good running back to replace Edgerrin James.  There is a good chance that either Maroney, DeAngelo Williams, or Lendale White, or maybe all three will still be on the board with the 18th pick.  If the Colts like one of them enough, they might just be inclined to give up their second round pick to move up and get their man.

That's the trade that makes the most sense and has the closest trade value with a team below the Cowboys unless Pittsburgh gave up their 32nd, 64th, and 128th (first, second, and fourth round) picks for our 18.  One other possibility would be Cincinatti giving up their 24th and 88th (first and third round), but this seems unlikely as both teams have a track record of being frugal, finding good players in the middle rounds, and neither are known for trading up in the first too often.  They are possible, but not too likely.

Of course the real question would be if the Colts wanted to make the deal bad enough to get their running back, or if they want to take the chance that their man falls to #23.  If their running back can slip past San Diego, Kansas City, New England, and San Francisco, then they could try to trade with Tampa Bay for the 23rd pick and would only have to give up their #30, #94, and #190 (first, third, late sixth round) picks.

Personally, I'd like to see a trade with the Colts.  That extra second rounder would be nice and the Cowboys could likely get a good player at #30.

Even though he isn't Bill Polian (I don't think he is at least), I would like to hear our friend from Stampede Blue, Big Blue Shoe's thoughts on this trade.  From a Colts fan's perspective, wouldn't it be worth a second round pick to get a good replacement for Edgerrin James? What does everyone think?

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