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Ed Reed/Ray Lewis for Roy Williams/Greg Ellis trade?

Update [2006-4-21 22:23:28 by Grizz]: To be clear, I don't believe this trade is even being considered. But since it was an interesting scenario, I wanted to post it. I should have prefaced it with this disclaimer. Carry on.

The has posted an article (sub. required) on a speculative trade involving some very big names.

An NFL source tells that in recent months the Baltimore Ravens "touched base" with the Cowboys about a swap that would have included [Roy] Williams and defensive end Greg Ellis from Dallas and recent NFL Defensive Players of the Year Ed Reed and Ray Lewis from Baltimore.

The article also asys this trade was talked about a couple of months ago but was pretty much dead. In light of Ray Lewis' recent comments about his unhappiness in Baltimore, there's speculation this trade talk may be revived.

That would be a blockbuster trade but my guess is this was just talk. I can't imagine the Ravens wanting to get rid of Ed Reed who, along with Roy Williams, is one of the best safeties in the game. They might want to get rid of Ray Lewis who seems very unhappy in Baltiomore, but Lewis has made it known he doesn't want to play in a 3-4 defense. He wants to have two defensive tackles occupying the guards so he can run free in the middle. In Dallas, he would be expected to play the middle in a 3-4, the exact thing he is complaining about. Would Dallas actually want to add another potential high-profile problem in the locker room?

The only reason Dallas would trade Roy Williams would be because of his contract, but Dallas could probably work that out. Greg Ellis, on the other hand is expendable for the right price. But I think that price is more about getting some picks on draft day instead of another player.

Now, if you ask me would I pull the trigger on this if it was true, I would have to seriously consider it. Ed Reed is one of the best in the league and can do more things well than Roy Williams. The only problem I would have is with Ray Lewis. He's not as good as he used to be and he wouldn't like playing in the 3-4. So I would probably say no.

Whatever the case, it's an interesting hypothetical.

(Hat tip to Terry for posting this in the comments)

Update [2006-4-21 21:7:58 by Grizz]: I've been thinking about this some, and I have to admit it would be tempting because talent-wise it would be an upgrade for Dallas. I think Ed Reed is a slightly better safety than Roy and Lewis in his prime was one of the best. But I think that Lewis is starting the down-side of his career, and my real concern is that Lewis would be a disruption because he doesn't like the 3-4 defense. The thought of Terrell Owens and an unhappy Ray Lewis would make our locker room a powder keg ready to explode.

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