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Mickey Spags and Grizz agree

Has Mickey Spags been reading this blog? He recently was asked a question about Michael Huff possibly dropping to #18 for the Cowboys. The Mick's answer:

Mickey: Well, that's a breath of fresh air. You are right. Only problem is, Huff will not fall out of the top 10, and for the reasons you stated. He is a free safety most teams feel is talented enough to play cornerback. That would be the biggest upset of this draft if Huff was available at 18, and I'd think the Cowboys would wet their pants scrambling to take him.

Compare that to my answer in the mock draft held by WCG over at the Bears' blog a week ago, when I selected Michael Huff after he slid down to #18.

The Cowboys are thrilled that a sure-fire Top-10 talent has fallen all the way to #18. Not only is he the best player available but he also fills a need for Dallas, who struggled with the FS position last year. Huff gives the Cowboys versatility, he can play FS or CB, and makes the Cowboys' secondary one of the best in football. Athletic, smart, and versatile, Huff projects to a top-tier safety in the NFL. The Cowboys would've considered an OLB at this position or someone to compete on the OL, but when a player of Huff's talents falls to you in the draft, you have to take him. Jerry Jones is so excited he just pissed himself on national TV.

Two bodily functions jokes on the same subject?

Grizz: Jerry Jones is so excited he just pissed himself on national TV.

Mick: ....and I'd think the Cowboys would wet their pants scrambling to take him.

Hey Mick, if you're reading this blog, glad to have you on board. You can borrow my stuff anytime. Lord knows I use your articles enough over here. Maybe it's just a case of great minds thinking alike. (Insert your own joke here)

Also in Mick's email Q&A, the love-fest for Bobby Carpenter continues.

Michael Garza, LaFeria, Texas: I have your choice on the 18th overall, first-round pick. It has to be Ohio State's OLB Bobby Carpenter. It if wasn't for his ankle injury, he might have stood out more than A.J. Hawk. If the Cowboys don't pick him, the Patriots certainly will at No. 21.

Mickey: Am in total agreement with you on this. Carpenter, at least from what I've read, seems to be just what the Cowboys need at the left outside linebacker spot. A big enough guy to play the run, but smart and instinctive enough to handle coverage and pass rushing. And with the Patriots losing Willie McGinest, they will be looking for his replacement on the left side of their 3-4 alignment, no doubt.

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