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More Cowboys draft speculation

This one is for all the Manny Lawson fans out there in Cowboy Nation. Rick Gosselin has his second mock draft up and he's switched his pick from Ohio State WR Santonio Holmes to NC State DE Manny Lawson. Of course, Lawson wouldn't be a DE for the Cowboys but would make the transition to OLB. So take heart Manny backers, Gosselin's reputation for predicting the draft is solid.

Conventional wisdom has coalesced around either OLB or S for the Cowboys first round pick. Jerry Jones' statement about drafting for defense may have something to do with that.

But Jen Floyd-Engle over at the DFW S-T is swimming upstream as she argues that the Cowboys need to go offense in the first round. She repeats the fact that's been raised many times over the past month; Dallas hasn't chosen an offensive player in the first round since 1997 - TE David LaFleur. (Perhaps that pick is the reason why.) So who does Jen like?

So if wideouts Santonio Holmes and Chad Jackson are available at 18, take one of them. Ditto for my favorite, USC running back LenDale White.

Jen also takes a swipe at the thought that Dallas is an OLB away from the Super Bowl.
It is, after all, April -- just enough time for the Cowboys to forget how everybody was ripping the offense at the end of last season and to convince themselves they are a linebacker away from winning a Super Bowl.

Some of you guys are high on LenDale White, personally I consider him a risk and think another RB isn't in the Cowboys best interest. Then again, no one at Valley Ranch cares what I think.

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