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Those were the days my friends

Remember the good old days, say back in the early '90s? Judging by the results of the poll question on the right-side of this blog most of you do. Well, remembers them, too.

Stellar drafting ability can set your favorite franchise in motion for the next decade. In consecutive years, the Dallas Cowboys used their first picks on Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith. Aikman was a No. 1 overall, but 10 players went before Irvin, and 16 preceded Smith. So while the Cowboys were building a roster that won three Super Bowls in four years, New York Jets fans were getting excited about running back Blair Thomas. He went 15 spots ahead of Smith.

Want some cool stats? Thomas scored seven regular-season touchdowns in his career, which is fewer than Smith had in his rookie season. One of Thomas' seven came for the Dallas Cowboys in 1994, as a backup for Smith. That year, Smith had 21.

Memories, light the corner of my mind.
Misty water color memories
Of the way we were.

Deke reminds us that the Cowboys draft special webcast has been archived and is available for viewing here.

The (sub. required) says OT Daryn Colledge recently visited Valley Ranch.

Colledge, who stands in at over 6-feet-4 inches tall, but weighs only 298 pounds, isn't your typical lineman. He is built more like a linebacker but he believes that gives him an advantage heading into the NFL as he can block at the point of attack with his strength and still get to the second level effectively with his speed.

I know that Mike Mayock is really high on this kid and thinks he will be a steal for whoever gets him.

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