what if.....

something happens in the draft this Saturday that nobody has really talked about as a possibility, what if somebody like Jay Cutler slides and slides down the draft board and is sitting there, front and center when its the Cowboys turn to pick at 18?? Very interesting scenario, don't you guys think? I mean everyone practically has the Cowboys picking an OLB at 18, or even if they trade down, to compliment Ware. Our defense would become a lot stronger no doubt. But, if you have a chance to take a franchise qb, shouldn't you do that? Lets face it, Bledsoe will play only a few more years and then he'll retire. Henson has shown signs of improving in Europe, but he still has a long way to go. I actually think he needs to play over there agian next year, thats how far behind he is in his development as a legitimate NFL qb. Then there is Tony Romo who has yet to throw a NFL pass. He could be the real deal, but then again he could be nothing more than a solid career backup.

There has been a lot of different opinions on Cutler, some guys like him, others think he is overrated. Two guys in the business, whose opinions I respect a lot, Mike Mayock and Phil Simms, think this kid is the real deal. He has an absolute cannon of an arm, can make all the throws, is tough, athletic, smart. So if this kid becomes this years version of Aaron Rodgers and slides to 18, do the Cowboys pull the trigger on a potential franchise qb of the future for years to come, or do they make the safer pick of an OLB, more than likely Bobby Carpenter? Very interesting scenario, the discussion between Parcells and Jones in the war room would be priceless, don't you think?

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