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Bobby Carpenter feels the love

Matt Mosley at the DMN has a man-crush on Bobby Carpenter and expects him to play in Big D this season. Lots of Cowboys' fans are jumping on the Carpenter Choo Choo, yours truly included. But, Rick Gosselin, whose reputation as a draft guru is unquestioned, has the Cowboys taking Manny Lawson. This sounds like DeMarcus Ware and Shawn Merriman from last year.

Here's Mosley's take.

Although I reserve the right to change my mind, I've picked Ohio State linebacker Bobby Carpenter every time at No. 18. Some of my Valley Ranch operatives assure me that this is a very safe pick at this point.

Mosley continues by making the Bill Parcells-Rob Carpenter connection but says it's all about on field production.

That said, all you care about is whether Carpenter can chase down a quarterback. And from all indications, he most certainly can. He's viewed as having the best closing speed over a 10-yard area in the draft and he's also capable of dropping back in coverage. He has the type of versatility that Parcells covets and he might take some pressure off DeMarcus Ware on the other side.

When I bumped into Ware at a benefit dinner the other night, he was also talking about Carpenter. He's excited about the prospect of adding another dynamic pass rusher.

"Let them double-team him," Ware joked. "I welcome that opportunity."

He said he could envision a Michael Strahan-Osi Umenyiora type pass-rushing tandem. For those of you who don't follow the Giants, this is becoming the most feared tandem in the league.

Say that again? OK, I'm with it D-Ware. You got a man-crush on Bobby Carpenter, too.

Kamerion Wimbley thinks he might be the next DeMarcus Ware. That's pretty good for D-Ware when people are comparing other athletes to him, and he's only been in the league one year. From an interview with a Patriot's writer.

PJ: Have you seen DeMarcus Ware play?

KW: I have never seen him play but a guy named Brian McFadden (a former FSU corner who's now with Pittsburgh) came back from the Senior Bowl last year and told me I'd be the next DeMarcus Ware because of my ability to play in space and my size. I guess he was right from what I've heard.

Mac Engel is searching for Tom Brady. He makes the case about Dallas drafting a QB, and then blows it by citing Joe Theismann as an expert opinion. Is there anybody more annoying and continually wrong then Joe Theismann? When a game is on that he's broadcasting, I hit the mute button. I'm not kidding. Listening to that windbag is worse than Celine Dion on repeat play.

"The Cowboys have to draft a quarterback," ESPN NFL analyst Joe Theismann said. "What happens if Bledsoe gets hurt?"

Insightful. Let me see if I can help Joe out. If Bledsoe gets hurt, I break my TV set. Then either Romo or Henson will play. Any QB we draft will be in the later rounds and will have no shot of playing this year. Parcells is going to go with Romo, unless Henson has a great camp. Our new rookie QB will be watching from the bench, if not on the practice squad. Count on it.

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