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Draft breather: Play the Julius over/under game

Time to play the "Dallas Cowboys Over/Under Home Game". Today's contestant is Julius Jones, 3rd year running back for the Dallas Cowboys. Over his career, JJ has averaged about 86 yds/game. So for a full 16 game season, that's around 1,375 yards.

So BTB is setting the line at 1300 yards for 2006. Because of the follwing considerations, we've lowered his line from his average.

1.    Injuries; JJ has never played a full 16 game season.
2.    The Cowboys line; last year's unit didn't get it done.
3.    The T.O. factor: the passing game may play a more prominent role
4.    MB3; Barber has shown he deserves playing time, cutting into JJ's

So what'cha got? Over or under 1300 yards for the season, that's around 81 yds/game.

I'm taking under. Barber and the T.O. factor will keep him at around 1200 yds.

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