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Jerry Jones "State of the Team" video email

Check it out, Jerry Jones created a video talking about the offseason acquisitions and the general strategy going into the draft. There's no significant news in the video, but it's still interesting to watch.

You can see it here.

A couple of posts ago I relayed Adam Schefter's article about how the Cowboys have changed there draft strategy. Well it didn't take long for someone to refute that report. Todd Archer on the DMN blog says this:

There's a report out there somewhere that the Cowboys' coaches have not been involved in the draft process as much as they have in recent years. Not true. They have been involved just as much as they have in other years under Bill Parcells.

Parcells has the coaches working on this season's opponents, like he always does, and the assistants are called in when the scouts and front office are discussing a certain position.

I think maybe Deke is right, there's too much time between the end of the season and the draft. But I still like it because it leads to lots of fun speculation. For those of us who enjoy a good rumor, this time of the year is like heaven. I have to admit though, I'm ready for it all to be over.

Let the draft begin. I'm following the draft countdown clock at the top of this blog, just waiting to see what presents we get on the NFL equivalent of Christmas.

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