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Predicting the Cowboys first pick

The time has come to see who's got the knowledge, who's got the foresight to predict the Cowboys first pick in tomorrow's draft. Speculation, rumor, analysis; blah, blah, blah. No more. You have to come clean with a name, no hiding behind "if this guy falls" or other scenarios. If you think the Cowboys stay at #18; who's the pick? If you think they'll trade down; who's the pick? If they trade up; who's the pick?

Time to find out who's got the cojones to put it on the line. Give us the name. All you semi-regular commenters, time to get on record. You lurkers who never comment, now's the time to do it. I know you regular commenters will have no problem giving us the name.

I'm sticking with the name I've been pushing for a couple of months. The Cowboys are going to stay at #18 and the pick will be Bobby Carpenter.

Who you got?

Update [2006-4-28 22:14:25 by Grizz]: ezzi110 caught the rumor first in the comments, but ESPN is reporting it's official, the Houston Texans have signed DE Mario Williams to a deal making him the #1 pick, not Reggie Bush.

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