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Draft day open thread; 2nd and 3rd rounds

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Update [2006-4-29 21:37:23 by Grizz]: With the #92 pick (3rd round), the Dallas Cowboys selected DE Jason Hatcher from Grambling (6'6" 289 lbs.). I have nothing to say here. Who is this guy?

Here's a quick bio on Jason Hatcher:

POSITIVES: Big, strong defender effective standing over tackle or lined up in a three-point stance. Flashes power, holds his ground against blocks and is tough to move off the point. Fast off the edge, fluid changing direction and plays with good pad level.

NEGATIVES: Overall game lacks quickness and explosion. Ineffective using his hands to get off blocks. Lacks instincts and is slow locating the ball.

ANALYSIS: Coming off an outstanding senior campaign, Hatcher offers solid size as well as growth potential. Needs to improve his overall game yet has the skills to be a pass rushing end for a conventional defense.

tbone gives another link with a more in-depth scouting report on Jason Hatcher.

Update [2006-4-29 20:57:33 by Grizz]: With their 3rd round pick (#80), Dallas traded down with Jacksonville. Dallas moved down to #92 in the 3rd and got #125 (4th round).

These are the picks Dallas has left (I think):
Round 3...92
Round 4...125
Round 5...146
Round 6...173
Round 6...189
Round 7...208
Round 7...211

Update [2006-4-29 19:38:18 by Grizz]: Jerry just talked about Bobby Carpenter. He said the fact that Carpenter knew the position already and wouldn't have to project how a DE tweener would play was important. Likes his versatility and the fact he can take on the run, can play lined up over the tight end. If they had gone with someone like Lawson they would've had to move Ware over to the strong side. But decided that Carpenter could come in right away and contribute this year leaving Ware on the weak side.

As for Fasano, they want to be a two TE, two WR team. Won't change anyhting about Witten, Fasasno will play on Terrell Owens' side. Having Fasano means they can use sets without the fullback. Said the plan is to carry 4 TE's on the roster this year. Want to be a predominately two TE team.

Update [2006-4-29 19:1:46 by Grizz]: With the #53 pick (after the trade with the Jets), Dallas selects TE Anthony Fasano (6'4", 259, 4.71) out of Notre Dame. Not a big fan of this pick; he may be quality but we need FS or OL. I'll have to read more about him.

ESPN Insider: (sub. required)

Strengths: Has adequate overall size. Is a big target in the passing game. Is quicker than fast. Lacks elite athleticism but is smooth and fluid as a route runner. Knows how to get off the LOS and does an impressive job of settling into soft spots of zone coverage. Has a terrific feel for the passing game. His hands are outstanding. Shows impressive hands when plucking on the run. Is a clutch performer with a knack for coming up big on third down situations. A tough runner after the catch. Shows good upper body strength and adequate lower body strength. Is technically sound and feisty as a blocker. Takes good angles and uses consistent leverage at the POA. Does a good job with hand placement and fights to finish. Is able to reach the second-level as a downfield run blocker and can hit the moving target. Is intelligent, tough and hard working.

Weaknesses: Lacks elite top end speed. Will not stretch the field vertically on a consistent basis in the NFL. Not a big threat after the catch. Lacks burst and elusiveness in space. Also lacks ideal leaping ability. Will need to improve his bulk and base in order to match up as an in-line blocker in the NFL. Durability is a mild issue: He missed one game (Navy) with back spasms in 2003, missed one game (Stanford) with a shoulder contusion in 2004 and he was bothered by a thumb injury late in 2005 season. He also has had some fumbling problems, including three fumbles as a junior in 2003.

The Ticket guys are discussing Fasano as a possible H-back candidate and playing up the Bill Parcells/Charlie Weis connection.

Update [2006-4-29 18:37:49 by Grizz]: With their second round pick (#49), the Dallas Cowboys traded down with the New York Jets. The Cowboys drop to #53 and got #189 (6th round) and #211 (7th round).

I won't be posting each pick but this is an open thread to discuss our potential and eventual 2nd and 3rd round picks.

A great start to the draft for Dallas, picking up the LBer I thought they needed, Bobby Carpenter. Now on to the second round.

S or OL seem to be the targets unless a player continues to slide. I like Ko Simpson and Daniel Bullocks at safety, or Max-Jean Giles and Charles Spencer at OG.

When will the Winston Justice and Chad Jackson slides stop?

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