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Cowboys article roundup

Burger King says that Jerry and his son Stephen both asked Bill Parcells about signing Owens, and he gave the go ahead. Here's the money quote:

"Bill not being in favor of the deal, nothing can be further from the truth,'' Jones said in his suite. "In fact, just before we signed Terrell, the same day we signed him, I called Bill just to alert him and to be sure we were all OK with this. I said, 'Now, I'm about to hit it [sign him], and if you don't want me to hit it, tell me now.' He said, 'No, no, go ahead. I'm with you.'''

Gary Myers in the NY Daily News says something similar, but makes the point that Parcells only cares about this year and everyone thinks Owens will be on his best behavior this year.

In my previous post I argued how free agency was good for everybody. Well, I forgot about someone, the retailers who sell sports jerseys. Check out this article which details the problem. Money quote:

About a half-dozen Terrell Owens Eagles replica jerseys, in midnight green and black, still linger at the sporting goods store. The rack has been there, on deep discount, since before Christmas. Some of the shirts are marked down from $90 to less than $10.

And still they hang, yesterday's fashion today, unwanted at practically any price.


The Buffalo Bills are still trying to unload $10 Bledsoe jerseys on their Web site, more than a year after the quarterback left the team. And the Indianapolis Colts, who lost placekicker Vanderjagt to the Cowboys last week, have already cut the online price of a Vanderjagt jersey from $75 to $19.98.

The (sub. required) gives the details on the Torrin Tucker offer sheet.

The Cowboys have until April 6 to match the offer sheet restricted free agent tackle Torrin Tucker signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week.

He will get a $100,000 roster bonus in 2006 and a $1.2 million base salary. He will also get a $200,000 roster bonus in 2007 and a $1.1 million base salary.

No way we match that. So what to do? The Cowboys may make some of us very happy by picking Charles Spencer.

According to a league source, the Cowboys have their eyes on University of Pittsburgh OL Charles Spencer who visited the organization recently.

Spencer projects to play inside at the next level though he's capable of playing at tackle if needed.

Spencer is seen as a developmental player that could Dallas depth initially but challenge for a starting job later on. He also could be the eventual replacement for soon to be 34-year old G Marco Rivera.

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