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Cowboys still need a receiver

Pro Football Weekly discusses our receiver position, and they agree that TNT might be the best WR tandem in the league. They also say we are going to get some other back-up WR options on the roster before camp.

With the signing of Terrell Owens and the extension for Terry Glenn, you could make the argument that the Cowboys have the best 1-2 punch at receiver in the NFC, maybe in the league. But what about the No. 3 spot? It would appear to be Patrick Crayton's job to lose, considering the cast of relatively unknown veterans -- Jamaica Rector, Tom Crowder, Terrance Copper, Ahmad Merritt and J.R. Toliver -- who might be his competition.

But sources close to the team believe it will add at least one more receiver, if not two, before the team heads to Oxnard, Calif., for training camp. That could come through the draft, but don't assume the Cowboys will reach for a wideout with their first pick (18th overall) unless the right guy is available. A veteran also could be added after June 1 or during camp. Crayton's relative disappearing act down the stretch (four receptions, 69 yards in five games after returning from an ankle injury) following a strong start to last season had to cast at least a little doubt in Bill Parcells' mind about Crayton's toughness.

We need another WR; if either starter gets injured we'll have no one to move up to the #3 spot. And they're right, Crayton looks like he's got a bright future, but he needs to prove it by having a complete season. Even though the Cowboys have TNT as their starters, we are dangerously thin after that.

An article in the Philly Inquirer makes the case that the Eagles are ready for a rebound after last year. I think they'll be better than they were in the end of last year, just because McNabb will be healthy. But the NFC East is one tough division now, and the Eagles may have seen their window closed. The article also gives a brief description of each NFC East team going into 2006. Here's the Dallas capsule:

Dallas probably has done the most in free agency in the division. Owens was the biggest - and riskiest - addition. He figures to be on his best behavior as long as quarterback Drew Bledsoe is playing well and getting him the ball.

The Cowboys' other huge addition was kicker Mike Vanderjagt, one of the best in the game. Vanderjagt, however, is known for alienating teammates and has missed some huge kicks in his career. He's below average at kickoffs and moves to a division with three cold-weather, outdoor stadiums.

Linebacker Akin Ayodele should provide outside pressure for the Cowboys, although his numbers were in decline his last two years with the Jaguars and weren't any better than the departed Scott Fujita provided last season. The Cowboys also revamped their offensive line, adding tackle Jason Fabini from the Jets and guard Kyle Kosier from the Lions. Neither was considered a star.

What's most scary about the Cowboys is that they have a lot of talented, young players, such as Roy Williams, DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten. If they continue to improve, so will the Cowboys.

We've already shown Vanderjagt kicks well outside and in cold weather, so his argument is wrong. Ayodele's numbers were better than Fujita's and his coach said he played his best ball at the end of last season. So much for that crap.

But he does get it right about our young stars.

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