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Cowboys still need a kicker, Part II

The Cowboys are preparing to have a kickoff specialist on the roster. Mike Vanderjagt hasn't kicked off for years and the odds of him doing it in Dallas are slim, especially given Parcells is a stickler for field position.

So the RanchReport says:

Enter Memphis kicker Stephen Gostkowski.

Gostkowski, one of the top kickers in the country last year, will have a private workout with Dallas next week, has learned.

Gostkowski finished his senior season by connecting on 19-of-22 field goals and all 32 PATs, with a long of 53-yards and was 9-of-9 from 40-plus yards. Gostkowski also holds Memphis and Conference USA records in PATs (156), field goals (67) and scoring (357 points).

Poor Jerry Jones, he can't do anything without drawing criticism. After it was announced that the Cowboys are moving back to San Antonio for training camp in 2007, it seemed like good news for local Cowboys fans. Travel to San Antonio is much easier than travel to Oxnard, California.

But does Jerry have an ulterior motive? Some in San Antonio are claiming he does.

But critics claim such a deal only allows Cowboys owner Jerry Jones a chance to squash some momentum here and further delay any arrival of a permanent NFL team for the nation's eighth largest city.


"I wouldn't make it a great priority," [former San Antonio Mayor Henry] Cisneros says when asked if he would bring the Cowboys back to San Antonio. "I think our focus needs to be on our own NFL team -- sooner rather than later."


"I understand why they (the Cowboys) would want to do this," Cisneros says. "They want to postpone the day when we have our own NFL team."

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