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Flying the friendly skies

Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson recently shared a flight together and discussed the new TD celebration rules instituted by the NFL. You can read about it here. But BTB doesn't stop with surface story; we have inside sources from the flight crew that tell us what really happened.

Once T.O. checked in at the gate, he immediately tore down the Delta logo behind the counter, stood on it with out-stretched arms and declared loudly that "United Airlines rules!" Needless to say Delta officials were not amused.

Once the duo boarded first class, Johnson started a fight with Owens, proving that his last season locker room fisticuffs with a teammate was no aberration. Owens responded by writing a million-dollar check to Johnson, exclaiming "Look, now you got paid, you should be on your best behavior for the rest of the flight." If only it was so easy.

Owens then stirred up the whole flight by stating over the intercom that the co-pilot was actually the better pilot, and that he should be running the plane. In fact, he said that if the co-pilot was flying the plane, "they would've landed hours ago." The co-pilot immediately radioed the home office and asked for a raise. Roughly half the crew was now openly backing the co-pilot, causing a deep rift among the flight crew, resulting in crappy service for the rest of the flight.

Once Johnson and Owens were served their meals, T.O. finished his meal well before Johnson. This prompted Owens to jump up and use a Sharpie to sign a flight attendant's forehead. Not to be out-done, Johnson dropped to one knee and asked the flight attendant to marry him. She declined, stating sharply that she was a Cleveland Browns fan.

Johnson then produced a list that had every flight attendants name on it and exclaimed "None of these people can keep my seat belt buckled, there's no one in the whole airline industry who can keep my seat belt buckled!" To prove his point, he jumped up, grabbed a serving tray and putted a pack of peanuts down the aisle.

By this time, Owens was in a frenzy, he grabbed the intercom again and told everybody that the "pilot was gay". He then said that Delta was the cheapest organization on the planet and had disrespected him by not serving him dessert. Johnson agreed, then decided that the passengers needed some entertainment and led everybody in a version of the "Electric Slide".

Soon after, the flight landed at its destination. Johnson and Owens were seen in the airport terminal taking a phone call. It was Joe Horn, he finally found his damn cell phone.

Other than that, it was reported that the flight went smoothly.

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