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Draft speculation substitutes for news

Slow. That's the word that best describes Cowboys news at the moment. So everybody does what everybody does when the news is slow. They make their own news.

Mickey Spags weighs in with draft speculation here.

When asked if he felt OK at safety since nothing has happened there so far, Jones was succinct, saying, "No, I don't think we feel OK. We just weren't able in the free agency thing, we just weren't able to put a player in position to want to commit to what we thought we were getting. We just couldn't make the commitment.

"Early on, couple of them went off high, the two that we had one and two, went off real high (i.e. too expensive) for what we wanted to do for their particular situation, age and otherwise."

Now as safeties go in the draft, from the Cowboys' position, there probably won't be one worth selecting with either of their first two picks, unless of course, something totally unforeseen occurs. Says Jones, "But I don't think there is enough there to dictate a draft pick, especially with one of the top two."

Sounds like the top two picks won't include a safety, although you can't trust what anyone says in the run up to the draft. But then Jones drops this info on us.

"If you drafted a top corner that fell down there strong, then you might be able to do some things with one of our guys there," Jones finished with, just in case you didn't understand. "It just wasn't there (in free agency), and we were ready to go."

Shuffling the secondary? I don't like it, unless they're talking about moving Aaron Glenn to FS and putting the new draftee as the 3rd CB. I'd leave Newman and Henry right where they are.

JJT at the DMN (sub. required) ponders on drafting an offensive lineman.

The Cowboys will draft an offensive lineman - maybe two - before the end of the draft because they need players capable of starting as well as being key backups. Before Winston's outstanding workout Sunday, maybe he would've slipped to Dallas with the 18th pick of the first round. Now, I don't think there's any way that happens. Dallas will take an offensive lineman some time on the first day and hope he's capable of winning the starting job at some point during the season.


JJT describes my favorite draft day scenario - short of having someone ranked very high dropping to #18. He's speaking about Bobby Carpenter.

If the Cowboys could trade down to the low 20s and pick up a third- or fourth-round pick as well, then that's a move I would make. He's a physical run defender, has some coverage skills and can put his hand on the ground on occasion and rush the passer. That's a good combination. He's not quite worth the 18th pick of the first round, but I think he'd be outstanding in the 3-4 defense.

Remember tbone getting us all riled up over the question of trading Roy Williams the other day? JJT wants to add his comments.

I think you have to realize that Roy can only do what the Cowboys allow him to do. If the coaching staff doesn't consistently put him in position to be near the line of scrimmage and attack offenses, then he can't make plays. His strength is not coverage, so they've got to keep him out of those roles. Roy is one of the best players in the league. If he's not here, you would miss him a lot more than you think.

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