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More Cowboys draft speculation

This time it's Todd Archer at the DMN (sub. required) doing the draft two-step. Archer prefaces by saying Dallas, because of free agency, is free to take the best available player. But he examines our 'need' positions anyway.

On safety:

The Cowboys could revisit free agency after the draft and sign a Marcus Coleman type or another cheaper veteran option.

Is it possible to take a safety with the first pick? Sure, but that might be a reach. Nebraska's Daniel Bullocks is a name to keep an eye on.

If we got Daniel Bullocks in the 2nd round I would be ecstatic.

On nose tackle:

Oregon's Haloti Ngata could fall to the Cowboys at No. 18, and he is a stout run stopper at 6-4, 338 pounds.

Still don't think he will fall all the way to #18.

On linebacker:

Iowa's Chad Greenway, Ohio State's Bobby Carpenter and UTEP's Thomas Howard are intriguing. Parcells likes players with pro football in their history and Carpenter, whose father played for Parcells, and Howard fit.

You guys know I like Greenway and Carpenter. Wimbley and Lawson are some other favorites.

On wide receiver:

Santonio Holmes is too small, in some eyes. Chad Jackson is rising, but maybe not enough for the Cowboys to take him. The remainder of the receiving class is solid, but not as spectacular as it has been in recent years.

Holmes is small, but he gets the job done. Still, I read the other day some scouts are worried about his durability.

On offensive tackle:

You can never have enough offensive linemen, which they learned a year ago. Do they take Miami's Eric Winston, a terrific athlete with a mean streak? He was a former tight end before moving to tackle and his knee woes appear to be over.

Eric Winston, Winston Justice: I gues as long as he's a Winston!

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