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Owens; workout demon

JJT drops some Eldorado news on us at the DMN blog.

Word at Valley Ranch is T.O. has been even more impressive in off-season workouts than they thought he would be. They say he works out in a full body suit and runs like an impala -- maybe it was gazelle, but you get the idea -- and lifts weights intensely.

Word is coach Bill Parcells has a quality tan, a new haircut and has shed 15-20 pounds. See, I told you he was getting ready for retirement at the end of the year.

New Drew Henson diary available here.

I like this article, even though he messes up a few minor facts. For one, he gets free agency.

That's the beauty of free agency. The draft is all well and good, but trying to replace [Larry] Allen with a raw rookie would have been both a practical and public relations disaster. The team already knows what Fabini and Kosier can do against an onslaught of NFL defenders.

But this was my favorite line.

And while Jerry Jones no doubt gritted his teeth when signing place kicker Vanderjagt for $5.4 million, the Dallas Cowboys had a polygamous relationship with three mediocre kickers last year -- and it wasn't Big Love.


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