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Dallas is must see TV

The Dallas Cowboys 2006 regular season schedule has been out for one day and already people are hyping the matchups. The LA Times weighs in with it's list of most anticipated games and the Cowboys show up twice.

Dallas at Philadelphia, Oct. 8 -- As if Eagle fans hadn't come up with enough reasons to despise the Cowboys, now Dallas has Terrell Owens. The last time T.O. was cheered in Philadelphia was when fans held a mock funeral for him in the parking lot of Lincoln Financial Field. He should thank his lucky stars that this game comes too soon for snowballs.

This game is the one everyone will be watching. How will the Philly fans react? How will the teams play in a heated environment? Will Owens make the Eagles pay, or will the Eagles payback Owens? No denying it, this is the early season must see game.

Another take on the game from ESPN:

Dallas at Philadelphia -- Terrell Owens returns to Philadelphia. The first 30,000 fans through the gates at Lincoln Financial Field get a free handful of batteries to chuck at Owens when his helmet is off during the national anthem.

Then there's the Colts game.

Indianapolis at Dallas, Nov. 19 -- Yes, Vinatieri is now a Colt. And Mike Vanderjagt, who gagged away a chance to put the Colts in last season's AFC title game, is now a Cowboy. Think Vanderjagt might like to get Manning back for that "idiot kicker" crack?

When the kickers are the storyline, that's one crazy game.

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