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Drew Henson impressive in 31-21 win

Drew Henson led the Rhein Fire to its fourth straight victory to start the NFLE season. Equally impressive as the Fire's 4-0 record was the second half comeback led by Henson in defeating the Hamburg Sea Devils. Henson threw 2 second-half TD's and led another drive for the go ahead FG. For the game, Henson was 15 of 23 for 192 yards with 2 TD's and 0 INT's.

As I mentioned last week Henson shows good pocket presence and avoids the rush, and when he rolls-out his passing is accurate. Both TD passes came after Henson left the pocket because the protection broke down. One time was to the right and the next was to the left. Ex-Cowboy Zuriel Smith is becoming Henson's favorite receiver, he caught both the TD passes.

Before Drew Henson went to NFLE this year, I was doubtful about his prospects. His play so far has changed that notion. It's still NFLE so it's hard to judge how well he would do in a conventional NFL game, but he's doing enough to warrant serious consideration as the Cowboys future QB.

I'm sure this is just what Jerry Jones had in mind when he sent Henson to Europe.

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