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Larry Allen "talks" to the SF press

Larry Allen held a conference call with some San Francisco writers. Once again, LA foils the press. Out of a conference call with multiple reporters, here's the Allen quotes from the San Francisco Chronicle.

"It's the perfect situation,'' he said. "My old coach is here.''
George Warhop, his offensive line coach in Dallas, was hired by Nolan last year shortly after he became the 49ers' head coach.


He gave no indication of any bitterness toward the Cowboys for setting him adrift. "I didn't see it coming,'' he said, but insisted owner Jerry Jones was "like a father to me.''

Asked about Bill Parcells, who a few years ago groused that Allen was slow to come back from an ankle injury, he said simply, "He's a good coach. His record shows that.''

That's it, that's all the quotes. I can't wait for LA's Hall Of Fame induction speech.

The mock draft says: (sub. required)

18) Dallas: Chad Greenway/OLB/Iowa

Analysis: Outside linebacker is a priority and Greenway offers the toughness and instincts head coach Bill Parcells loves.

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