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Randy Galloway plays the fool again

Does anybody really know what the heck Randy Galloway is talking about in this article? It sounds like he's doing the typical "reaction to the schedule" piece that everybody's done over the past couple of days. Only Galloway's version comes with a twist. He sees some ominous meaning in the fact that neither Parcells nor Jones has complained loudly about it.

Instead, in Galloway's warped mind he somehow ties this lack of protest with the acquisiton of Terrell Owens. His thinking goes that because they signed Owens, the networks all want to schedule Dallas games in primetime. And the reason Jerry isn't complaining about the schedule, even though it's so bad according to Galloway, is because Jerry got the primetime games he wanted and he doesn't care about anything else. Got that?

Randy Galloway may write for a major newspaper and host a radio show, maybe he's also won awards along the way; but this article is total hack job. If he wants to continue his crusade against Terrell Owens, the more power to him. But to be so lazy as to think this tripe he's passing off as an article is going to ring true for anybody is a new low in arrogance. Your personal crusade is not ours Randy, quit embarrassing yourself.

By the way, maybe the reason they're not complaining loudly about the schedule at Valley Ranch is because they're not whiny babies.

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