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Media weighs in on Cowboys draft

Last night I posted my Cowboys draft review and gave our draft a grade of B-. Here's what some of the national media is saying this morning about our draft and it looks like my grade is inline with the overall consensus. One thing about the national media, it looks like none of them understand the Anthony Fasano pick.

Mel Kiper at ESPN:

Dallas Cowboys: GRADE: B-
They picked a great OLB in Bobby Carpenter. Anthony Fasno is a good tight end, but the Cowboys already have Jason Witten, and more importantly, they didn't get the free safety and offensive line help I thought they needed. Skyler Green brings speed to the return game, and I do like getting DT Montavious Stanely in the sixth round.

Uh, Mel, did you notice we drafted Pat Watkins? I believe we got the FS help we needed.

Pete Prisco at CBS Sportsline:

Dallas Cowboys
Best pick: Fifth-round pick Pat Watkins has a chance to be a starter down the road at safety. He has the tools, even if he didn't play to them last year at Florida State.

Worst pick: Anthony Fasano is a good player, but with Jason Witten on the roster, why is he needed?

Overall grade: B-. I liked the pick of Bobby Carpenter in the first round, but Fasano wasn't a need.

Another writer misses the story on picking Fasano.

Czarnecki at Fox Sports:

17. Dallas: The Cowboys may have reached a little on Ohio State linebacker Bobby Carpenter and some teams had medical doubts about Notre Dame TE Anthony Fasano because of previous back/neck injuries. But Parcells went on his gut, having coached Carpenter's father, Rob, with the Giants while loving Fasano's blocking punch. But tight end wasn't a need with Jason Witten on the roster. Parcells loves special teams and they grabbed LSU's Skyler Green, who was named the SEC special teams player of the year last season with four TD returns. Grade: C

That's the only reference to a reach I've found on Bobby Carpenter and while he hits on the medical issue with Fasasno he misses the overall story.

Goose Gosselin at the DMN:

Dallas: The Cowboys addressed all their needs: size in the front defensive seven, a tight end, safety, kick returner plus depth on the offensive line. The player who could have the quickest impact is Green, the kick returner. Grade C.

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