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JJT talks coaching in Dallas post-Parcells

JJT gets the honors for the most interesting article written today about the Boys. Interesting, yes, but I don't agree with his conclusions. You may remember a few days ago I praised Jerry Jones' decision to stay with the 3-4 defense post-Parcells. I did this because for a team to constantly shift between schemes - especially a big shift that requires a changeover in personnel - will doom a team to mediocrity or worse.

JJT takes a different angle in this article:

Either way, the Cowboys will soon be looking for a head coach. That coach, whoever it is, must be allowed to hire and fire coaches and implement whatever offensive and defensive schemes he believes gives the Cowboys the best chance to win.

If the new coach doesn't have that authority, then it won't take the Cowboys' long to return to their wretched ways of the late 1990s and the first three years of the new millennium, when Jones forced schemes and assistants on his head coach.

I agree with what JJT said that the coach must have the option of bringing in his own assistants. But if you want to run a 3-4 scheme, then all you need to do is hire a 3-4 type coach. Sure it limits the field somewhat, but owners always limit the field based on certain criteria. Maybe the coach wants too much money, or he has a different philosophy on drafting players, or he's not agressive enough as a coach, or he's too old and you want a young, upcoming coach, or whatever. It's easy to eliminate the issue by finding a coach who likes the 3-4, which is the issue.

Now, trouble will start if Jerry goes back to his old ways of interfering or getting too involved with personnel decisions. Who plays and who doesn't play, things like that. I don't think it's a problem for an owner to say we run a 3-4 defense here in Dallas and I'm going to hire a coach who wants to run that. If Jerry does that, and then lets the coach run the team like he has with Big Bill, then you don't have a problem.

So my conclusion is there's nothing wrong with deciding to run the 3-4 and then hire a coach that wants to do that. The only problem is if Jerry doesn't get out of the way after hiring that coach.

And speaking of coaches who may alright with running that, JJT fields a question on BTB's #1 candidate for replacing Big Bill.

Q: This weekend, I heard lots of talk about how the Cowboys offensive/defensive philosophies would not be changing even after Parcells leaves. What do you think about Charlie Weis coming to Dallas?
Kevin Hawkey, Portage, Mich.

TAYLOR: If Notre Dame has a huge year - and I think the Irish will - and Parcells leaves, then I would expect the Cowboys to call Weis and gauge his interest. He may have none or he might want to coach the NFL's most visible team. Although he has a long-term contract, any coach can get out of his deal, if he wants to leave. It happens all the time. He would be a great choice because he would keep the same principles in place that Parcells has established. The question is whether he and Jones could make it work.

I like it. Come on Jerry, whenever Bill the Tuna leaves call up Charlie the Tuna and bring him to Big D.

Here's an interesting tidbit from the JJT article.

Q: With Parcells' affinity toward bigger linebackers, is there a possibility that he would want to draft Ahmad Brooks in the supplemental draft this summer? Brooks has incredible talent, but he has had some off-the-field issues.
James Webster, Bethesda, Md.

TAYLOR: Chris Canty says Brooks is the most phenomenal athlete he's ever seen. He's convinced Brooks will be a star in the NFL because he's 6-4, 259 and runs the 40 in the 4.5 range. Some NFL scouts think he'll be a second- or third-round draft choice because of serious concerns about his character and passion for the game. Parcells will know everything there is to know about Brooks since he played at Virginia under Al Groh, a former Parcells assistant. If he was there in the fourth round of the supplemental draft, it might be time to pull the trigger because the reward would be worth the risk.

Wow, 6-4, 259 and runs a 4.5. That's impressive, may be worth a look if he's done with his problem past.

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