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Parcells puts leash on Owens

This is a really good article over at by Jeffri Chadiha. He really gets into the T.O. issue and how Parcells is a different coach than Steve Mariucci and Andy Reid. This has been talked about here before; I think Terry has brought it up regularly. Anyway, it's a good read; take the time to check it out. This paragraph was my favorite.

That entire event was geared around Parcells' making one thing clear to Owens: Parcells isn't Andy Reid or Steve Mariucci, and he most certainly isn't a punk. I'm sure Parcells has already given Owens the particulars on the offense (and locker room decorum) behind closed doors, but it was important for him to make a strong showing in public. Parcells realizes that next season will be filled with intense scrutiny of his relationship with the league's most complicated and disruptive player. What Parcells also understands is that dealing with such a difficult talent means having the foresight to set him straight immediately.

Now that's good stuff. Parcells isn't a punk, that's for sure. He also mentions later in the article that Parcells is the master manipulator, so T.O. might have met his match.

By the way, BTB readers, I'm lonely out here. If a blogger blogs in a forest and no one reads it, is he really blogging? Come on guys, give me a sympathy comment, and let me know you're still alive out there! Where have Deke and Playmaker88 been lately?

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