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New BTB poll is up

Time for a new poll on BTB. We reached the 100 vote barrier so I like to change them up after that. Here are the results from the last poll.

What grade do you give to the Cowboys draft?

¤    1%  A+ : The Cowboys aced it!     
¤    5%  A: Great draft for the Boys.     
¤    50% B: Solid draft, will help this year.     
¤    26% C: I can live with it.     
¤    4%  D: Man, what were we thinking?     
¤    2%  F: Bill and Jerry have lost their collective minds!     
¤    6%  I refuse to grade the draft until 3 years     
¤    0%  We had a draft?     
¤    0%  E: Why isn't E a grade?     

Votes: 104   

Pretty clear cut victory for the grade of B, with C the only other grade that mattered.

Here's the new poll question.

Which Cowboy player will score the most TD's this year?

With TD's you almost always look to the RB. So Julius Jones should be a pretty good choice. But with JJ you have durability issues, but more importantly, Marion Barber looks like a tougher runner between the tackles. He may see a lot of the redzone carries and could be the TD machine.

It could be Terrell Owens, he definitely has the talent to score the most TD's. But secondaries are going to cheat to his side trying to double team him. So that could leave Terry Glenn one-on-one with a corner, and Glenn can do work on a single defender.

Or the beneficiary could be Jason Witten, who is a great redzone target and has the ability to score from a distance. Heck, I'm even going to throw rookie TE Anthony Fasano on the list, just because it sounds like he's a starter, too.

Go over to the poll on the right-hand side and vote.  

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