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Cowboys article roundup

Matt Mosley tells us what's going on in Drew Henson's life over in NFLE. I wondered how much players get paid in NFLE, now I know.

By the way, players receive $1,000 per game and get $25 for meals on off days. If you don't like the free meals at the team hotel, you're on your own.

Not quite NFL caliber pay-scale. But Henson I'm sure has plenty of cash on hand, so no need to send in donations to help Drew out. Drew boils down his experience in NFLE to this:

"The biggest thing I've gotten over here is confidence," Henson said. "There's a comfort level that you reach when you can watch film, and you say 'next time I'm in that situation, I'll know what to do.' "

He's through worrying about his delivery and other things that have held him back.

"I'm just going to stick with what works," he said.

The City of Irving is trying to figure out the best way to squeeze some dollars out of the Cowboys before they slip away to Arlington. It's all covered in this long article from the Houston Chronicle.

Nick Eatman delves into the RB position, which is pretty much unchanged from last to this year. Demetrius Summers may have a chance to get on the practice squad, but the same three guys should be lining up this year as last year. Unless JJ can't keep from getting hurt.

"Julius is, I think, a good back," Parcells said. "He's had a little bit of a durability problem. And, as you know, if they can't stay out there, like the Giants have Tiki (Barber) - he never goes off the field. He's really an amazing guy and has had a wonderful run here with the Giants.

"But those are the kind of guys you look for, like Tiki, like Ottis Anderson, guys that can stay out there. And I think Julius still has that to answer just a little bit but he's working very hard and he's very competitive and hopefully the combination of (Jones and Marion Barber) will be good enough."

Parcells isn't out of patience with JJ yet, but another major injury might change the dynamics at the RB position in Big D.

Fox Sports says Jacksonville WR Jimmy Smith is going to retire. For those of you who don't remember Jimmy Smith was once a Dallas Cowboy. But you really can't blame Dallas for giving up on him early in his career with all the injuries.

The third receiver selected in the 1992 draft behind Desmond Howard and Carl Pickens, Smith broke his leg and missed most of his rookie season. In 1993, he needed an emergency appendectomy and suffered through infection and stomach problems. He missed the entire year. He didn't play in 1994, either, after getting cut by Dallas and Philadelphia.

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